Step By Step Guide On Making Money With Blogging

Blog and blogging business has always been my favorite way to earn money online and I know there are many people out there (like you) looking for the opportunity to earn handsome amount of money from the online activities. Blogging is probably the best activity to earn from internet. Here is the small but very useful step by step guide on how to earn from blog.
1. Decide what you want to write?
2. Setup a WordPress blog.
3. Publish the content.
4. Tell the world about your new blog.
5. Spend 2 hours a day.
6. Monetize your blog and enjoy the earnings.
1. Decide What You Want To Write? Deciding about niche is the most confusing question I have ever seen while starting out with new blog. Choosing a wrong niche can lead you to a big failure while choosing a right and profitable niche can really make your dreams come true. So which is the right and profitable niche? Well, it’s like impossible to explain everything about niche in single article. However I have few tips for you to find out more about selecting best niche.
  • Look for the low competition yet profitable niche.
  • Never make mistake to choose highly competitive niche like “how to make money online”.
  • Choose niche for general audience and not for specific audience. For example, if you will write on “how to loss weight fast” it will be for general audience.
  • Give your maximum time in searching on google about how to select profitable niche, use your own thought, and ask your self what people are hungry for on internet.
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