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Creating a website and earning money from it is now in the reach of anyone who studies the right methods. You can have multiple websites that brings you multiple streams of income. There are dozens of ways for you to make money online but a proven and trusted method is by using Google’s ad program, AdSense. You get paid when someone clicks an ad but it is usually a small amount; however, when those small earnings per click can turn into larger earnings. There are many people making a lot of money with AdSense but they know what methods work already. Following are 3 strategies you can use to greatly improve your chances of success with Google AdSense.
Google Adsense is a very well put together program but, all the same, it is still a favorite exploitation device of black hat marketers. This is just one reason that so many AdSense accounts get banned–which is a big problem if your account becomes one of those that get banned. You need to be very careful and be diligent about watching for fraudulent activity like fake clicks. Besides that kind of thing, you also need to take care that you do not put up any prohibited or illegal content on your site because Adsense ads are not supposed to be seen on those kinds of sites. Google also does not allow any sort of manual code changes or the cloaking of links. You need to go through all of the regulations and program rules before you jump into the program’s waters so that you can be sure of your footing.
An important thing to pay attention to is how you many ad blocks you use. More than two ads on a page will draw your visitor’s attention away from the ads because they won’t be able to focus on one single ad. The fewer the ads the better; when it comes to AdSense. There have been many tests done and they have proved that sites with too many ads don’t perform as well as site that are less cluttered. AdSense ads are setup to appear on a site from highest paying first and then lower paying ads coming below them; so if you allow more than two ads appear on each page you not only confuse your visitors but you also give them the chance to click on lower paying ads.
It is also important to remember that if you want your ads to be relevant to your target audience, you need to focus your website very tightly on one theme. Your content cannot be lazy or vauge; it needs to be based on the theme that you have chosen. The more popular your topic, the more focused your ads can be. This is exactly why you should work on making superior quality content on your website–it will help you raise your ad revenues. Base your keywords on the anchor text you use for your links. AdSense is, indeed, one of the best ways to earn some online income; but this is only possible if you apply the proven methods. The more pages you put online, with AdSense ads on them, using these methods, the more you will grow your income. Branching out into different niches is a good idea with AdSense because you can will be able to target keywords that will pay you more per click than some of your current niches do. With AdSense, you will get the best results by testing the small details and using what is proven to work.
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