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Kajal Acts Chandamama : Film Review

Lead : Navadeep, Siva Balaji, Kajal Agarwal
Music : KM Radhakrishna
Director : Krishnavamsi
Producer : C Kalyan, Vijayanand
Banner : Teja Cinema
Release : 6th Sept, 2007
Story Screenplay : Krishnavamsi
Dialogues : Laxmibhupal
Editing : Shankar
Camera : Prasad 
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Krishnavamsi strum the right chords this time. Chandamama turned out to be a cool, clean, breezy entertainer. The film falls into Krishnavamsi styled family drama. Positive things in the film are good narration, right mix of all elements, KV's style, village backdrop, soothing music by Radhakrishna, superb performances by lead cast, strong technical support and beautiful hampi locations.
Story is about one Ranga Rao (Nagendra Babu) and his daughter Mahalaxmi (Kajal). Ranga Rao is much respected person in his native place. Mahalaxmi finishes her education in City and returns to village. She is then engaged to Dorababu (Siva Balaji) from the same village. However, there is a problem for Mahalaxmi to marry Dorababu. That is Kishore (Navadeep). What is the problem and how it solved forms the plot in Chandamama.
Navadeep, Siva Balaji did their roles very well. As required by the character, Navadeep induced full josh in his role. He is apt in the flamboyant and care-a-damn attitude. Siva Balaji is apt in his own role. He under played his character very nicely and proves the kind of potential he has. Kajal looked lovely and she performed content. Sindhu Menon character is naughty and at times, loud. She did her role to content.
Ahuti Prasad is the one who actually steals the show. With his village dialect, he simply rocked and the audience will surely go for all laughs. Radha Kumari as Ahuti Prasad's mother is apt in that role prompting Ahuti Prasad to always say 'Aada Pethanam.. bodi pethanam'. Their sequences are good. Nagendra Babu is apt in the role of Ranga Rao who demands respect from the entire village yet he becomes like a kid with his daughter.
Krishnavamsi kept his word in bringing a breezy entertainer. His style is seen through out the film. He brings on to screen the richness in Indian traditions, values and culture. Rural life is shown in the glory once it enjoyed.
Human emotions are nicely tapped. Especially he hits the right chords with depicting father and daughter. The scene where Nagendra Babu looks at her like she is 10 years old when she is actually 20 is nicely conceived. Unlike his previous films there isnt much prelude to how the lead pairs fall in love.
First half of the film is extraordinary. With three beautiful songs (Chengu Chengu, naalo voohalaku, bugge bangarama), time just flies off. Actual story begins in the second half. There is more than a twist in the second half that leads towards the lovers uniting. But the second half feels a bit lenghty. It is not just a feeling but even by watch second half is longer compared to the first half. Songs in second half are okay.
A few minutes in the second half could have been trimmed. For example, the prelude to Regumullole song with family anthakashari event and Nagendra Babu's poetry on Chandamama does not add any value to the script but are just few joyous moments in the family entertainment. But overall, this is not felt as every thing falls in right place. Climax comes at the right time and does not take much time before the film concludes.
Hampi and house set erected at Jayabheri estates are two locations where majority of the film is shot. Village outdoors is moslty at Hampi. House interiors and exterior surroundings are the sets at Jayabheri estates. Prasad Moorella did a wonderful job with his lenses in projecting the locales as the right village atmosphere. Dialogs by Laxmibhupal are good. Especially, when they fell in the accent of Ahuti Prasad, they sounded more fun.
Music by Radhakrishna is very good. The songs are soothing and at times foot tapping. Jhats and Alaps by Radhakrishna are nicely utilized by the director at right places. His jhat in Nalo Asalaku song, imitating Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, is excellent. All the songs are composed nicely. Asha Bhosle's Nalo Asalaku stands out.
Overall, this is a clean entertainer - no double entenders, no vulgarity, no skinshow. It is all pure entertainment. A love story presented with a blend of traditions, human emotions and interesting screenplay is Chandamama. Go for it.
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