Gmail, Gmail and Gmail……that’s what people are crazy about! Gone are the days when we was using postal mail  to send day today’s messages, today more than 700 million people are using email to get connected to their family, friends, customers and dear ones!
Gmail is the leading email provider in the worldof internet  today….have you got one Gmail Account for you? Probably answer is  Yes …of course if you are reading this article you definitely got one. If you don’t have any just go and grab one as Gmail provide their service for free to use and come with lots of memory space with their  great features!!
Google brought the websearch in 1998 and after that it just boom for Google. All Google services are located in on place which known as the Google Homepage. You can find Gmail also at the top bar of Google homepage.
Having a Gmail lets you to create your own space on web.It also a key to all Google services, one can login to Google account just with a Gmail username and enjoy the ride with google services. There are lots of great features comes with Gmail account.
Have you ever used your Gmail account to store your files like mp3, pics and video???? Yes its possible just give it a try, send a file to your inbox (Hot mail also come with this facility) and keep it there stored in your inbox, even you can able to download it whenever you want…..some email provider let you to view that files direct in your inbox without downloading it!!
Many people also choose Hot Mail over the Gmail because it comes with active view which Gmail not able to provide but how many of you know that one can use multiple Gmail accounts by just login in one account? Just go to Setting in Gmail and find an option “send email as” and complete the required steps… done it! Gmail recently come up with a new technology which is called as ‘Gmail Motion’ which uses interaction between human being and computer.
Till the date I just loved Gmail and gmail team coming up with a new thing every time that’s make me to use Gmail…..what your reason to use such a complete webmail service?
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