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In the Hindu religious literatures, the creator of Universe Shree Vishwakarma is addressed as Brahma.

Almighty Vishwakarma has five mouths and ten arms.

From Eastern mouth of God Almighty Vishwakarma known as ‘Sadyojat’, Manu Brahmashree having ‘Saanag gotra’ was birthed. He used to forge and shape iron with a hammer and anvil and is popularly known as ‘Lohar’. They utilizes the tools like: Bhata, Anvil, Ghan (hammer), Sandshi.

From Southern mouth of Divine Vishwakarma known as ‘Vamdeo’, Maya Brahmashree having ‘Sanatan gotra’ was borned. He used to make sculpts from wood and is popularly known as ‘Sutar’.

They utilizes the tools like: Vakas, kikare, patashi, karwat, rokhan, randha, gunya, hatodi, girmit, samta, olamba, etc. Carpentry is there in their blood from the blessing of Lord Vishwakarma.

From Western mouth of Almighty Vishwakarma known as ‘Aghoram’, Twashta Brahmashree having ‘Ahabhuj gotra’ was birthed.

From Northern mouth of Deity Vishwakarma known as ‘Tatpurusham’, Shilpi Brahmashree having ‘Pratna gotra’ was borned who used to make sculpts from stones and is known as ‘Shilpi’.

From Central mouth of Lord Vishwakarma known as ‘Ishan’, Suparna or Vishwadnya Brahmashree having ‘Suvarna gotra’ was borned who used to makes jewellery and other objects out of gold and was popularly known as ‘Sonar’.

It is well-said by the peoples that Lord Shree Krishna exhibited the Universe in his mouth to Mata Yashoda with the help of Lord Vishwakarma.

Maker Vishwakarma made sculpts from wood of Lord Shree Krishna, Subhadra and Balram in Jagannath Puri.

There are citations in history that ‘Dwarka’ of Lord Shree Krishna and ‘Suvarnalanka’ for Lord Shiva and latterly captured by Devil Ravan in terms of ‘Daxina’ from Shiva was created by Creator Vishwakarma.

It is also widely known that Lord Vishwakarma established Hastinapur for Kourav and Indraprastha from Pandav from the instructions of Lord Krishna.

In the ‘Ramayana’, one can find address that son of Lord Vishwakarma: Nal and Neel have constructed a bridge of 400 kilometers in the Arabian sea for Lord Rama known as ‘Ramsetu’ with the help of ‘Vanarsena’. The evidences of which are also existed today.

A solemn pledge of fidelity to the Lord Vishwakarma who created and controlled the whole universe!
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